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Performing American Dream on the Avenue of the Giants
in Humboldt Redwoods of NorCal
– Click on pic for video!

The Story:

     After joining the ranks of millions of laid-off, hardworking, blue-collar Americans across the country, Minneapolis, Minnesota call center cadaver & secretly inspired piano player/singer/songwriter Dan Frost decided to make a very major positive life change.  In the great spring “Man-Cave yard sale” of 2012, he sold off all his worldly possessions to hit the highways, bi-ways & back roads of America to fulfill a lifelong dream to road trip the U.S.A with his flamed up baby grand piano “Maybelline” & inspire everyday Americans from ALL walks of life.

     Ever aware of the somewhat fractured and distrusting climate the country has fallen into in the wake of multiple, violent domestic incidents and depressing economic conditions & a disquieting feeling of anxiety, he felt a wildfire burning inside him to do something to inspire hope, love & positivity to everyday Americans from all walks of life through music, and show that some strangers truly are friends you just haven’t met yet & not all lone travelers have malicious intentions. Ultimately, the main reason Operation: American Dream is being carried out it to simply bring people & communities together and begin in very small ways help to heal the nation through the power of music.
     Operation: American Dream officially kicked off June 1st 2012 and has thus far racked up over 10,000+ miles on its meandering journey through the States filming his brand new, original song “AMERICAN DREAM” at inspired, scenic locations across the US.  Since June 1st Dan has performed hundreds of times in all sorts of locales from county fairs, town squares, city parks, elevated panoramic vistas & amazing ocean beaches just to name a few & always with the same message of inspiration, love, hope for a better future and a happier, healthier American society.

     Dan Frost’s high energy piano playing & bluesy material is centered on promoting his brand new original song entitled “American Dream” (click to view video shot from the top of San Fransisco’s beautiful Twin Peaks vista overlooking the city) with his primary goal being to film the American Dream song LIVE with Americans from all walks of life actively participating in the video shoot from inspiring locations across all 50 states! — AMERICAN DREAM (click on title for studio version.)

     Bringing another dimension to Operation: American Dream, Dan’s extended live club/show performances draw from even more original material from his personal catalogue as well as paying tribute to timeless and legendary American artists such as Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Ray Charles, Little Richard, & Chuck Berry while still bringing to mind the modern sensibilities of the Black Keys, G.Love & Special Sauce, Ben Harper & the White Stripes.  Dan also blows the blues harmonica.  And yes, his handmade flamed up baby grand piano (Maybelline) does come to ALL performances.

     Along with bringing positivity to people’s lives through music, he is also helping to raise awareness for breast cancer as he has two aunts currently battling the disease and the family has already lost a third.  His other major cause is the mental health foundation i.F.r.e.d. (International Foundation for the Research & Education on Depression) which has also profoundly touched his & millions of Americans’ lives. iFred encourages a positive mental outlook through music and inspiration.
     Thank you so much for reading friends, family & future friends. As previously said, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for a video shoot even if I’m not in your area.  Life truly is short & the future is always wide open.  Hope to see you all at an American Dream video shoot soon. Enjoy the song / live the words.  Carpe Diem & Rock Bless America! – Dan Frost

Operation: American Dream
  Cities to date since June 1st 2012:

START :   N. St. Paul, MN

Las Vegas, NV

St. Peter, MN

San Diego, CA

Mankato, MN

Oceanside, CA

New Ulm, MN

Antioch, CA

Okoboji, IA

Redway, CA

Brandon, SD

Santa Rosa, CA

Souix City, SD

Yuma, AZ

Rapid City, SD

Garberville, CA

Sturgis, SD

San Mateo, CA

Deadwood, SD

San Fransisco, CA

Spearfish, SD

Humboldt Redwoods, CA

Sundance, WY

Hollywood, CA

Laramie, WY

Tucson, AZ

Cheyenne, WY

Las Cruces, NM

Ft. Collins, CO

Austin, TX

Denver, CO

Baton Rouge, LA

Arvada, CO

New Orleans, LA

Vail, CO

Biloxi / Pascagoula, MS

Grand Junction, CO

Fairhope, AL

Price, UT

Pensacola, FL

Salt Lake City, UT

Tampa, FL

Park City, UT

Covington / Atlanta, GA

Beaver, UT

Nashville, TN

   St. George, UT

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Thank you & Rock Bless America!







Welcome to 10,000+ SOLO MILES AND COUNTING!   One Man, his Baby Grand & the American Dream.  Dan Frost has set out across the VAST expanse of the United States of America to explore the amazingly unique people, places & things every state in the Union contains in search of not only his American Dream, but documenting other Americans’ definition of it as well.  Operation: American Dream is happening NOW and has already successfully traversed & filmed his original song “American Dream” through 16 states (27% of the final goal of ALL 50); all the while closing in daily on Dan’s ultimate “MusicMission” to shoot a One-Man, self-produced documentary of modern life across America.  States traversed thus far: Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida & Georgia.  Current stop – BEAUTIFUL Nashville, Tennessee.  SIEZE the DAY & ROCK BLESS AMERICA!